Pack 65 San Carlos CA

Pack 65 FAQs


We're planning on a full in-person agenda this year, if regulations and common sense permit. We follow school district and local facility guidance on masking.

What does it cost?

Pack dues for the scouting year 2023-24 are $260. New scouts are required to register with the BSA in addition to the pack dues. The initial BSA registration varies with the sign-up date but is approximately $100. In addition, the pack does charge for some weekend or overnight activities to cover the cost of food, use of facilities, ticket/entrance costs as appropriate. See also uniform costs below

What is the uniform?

Scouts are also required to have a class A uniform, which costs approximately $100; the Scout Shop in Foster City (1150 Chess Dr) will help you figure out what’s needed. The Pack also has a uniform swap box that is particularly helpful for grade-specific hats, neckerchiefs and slides (it’s currently on my porch at 103 Cedar Street, come by anytime) The Tiger-Bear Cub Class A Uniform is: a blue shirt (buy a bit big so it will last for ≥3 years), blue trousers or shorts, belt, cap, neckerchief, slide, pack/council patches (The Scout Shop managers have all the info.) Class B Uniforms (T-shirts) are provided by the Pack. Please email the cubmaster if you need one.

What if I can’t afford to join scouts because of financial hardship?

Several of the pack leaders are willing to sponsor scouts whose families would otherwise not be able to participate in the program due to financial constraints. Please reach out to the pack leadership if that is the case. All request for financial hardship are treated confidentially.

What do the Pack dues cover?

Scout and leader registration with the BSA
Pack Class B uniform (T-shirt)
Pinewood derby car kit
Purchase and maintenance of the Pack’s event materials
Belt loops / badges

My child doesn’t go to Arroyo, Charter, White Oaks or Brittan Acres, can they still join Pack 65?

Yes! Any child can join any pack.

What can I do to help?

Volunteer! The pack is in need of Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, Trained Rangemasters, etc, in addition to volunteers to help with activities small and large throughout the year (such as the cake bake coordinator, scouting for food coordinator etc). We will reach out at the start of the year and ask all parents to sign up for at least one activity. Get trained (Youth Protection, BALOO outdoor training etc) to ensure we can hold our events safely. Donate to Friends of Scouting, which funds the local council resources.

How does the Pack keep scouts safe?

All Pack 65 events require parent presence and participation. All leaders are trained appropriately, including livescan, extensive background checks and training in youth protection. All leaders are mandated reporters in California We also encourage all adults to complete youth protection training to ensure we have a safe and compliant program; information can be found here. The Pack follows all BSA guidelines on youth safety for all events

Do you accept girls who want to be cub scouts?

Yes. We have many female cub scouts at present and are keen to enroll more. More information can be found here. Please reach out to the cubmaster if you are interested.

Do you accept cub scouts in Kindergarten?


Are you affiliated with a Boy Scout Troop?

Pack 65 Webelos often bridge into San Carlos Troop 321 by the end of 5th grade, which also meets at Mahaney Hall. However, Webelos may bridge into any Troop they wish.